PHIL322 / ETIE322

PHIL322 and ETIE322 Module Material

Important (2017 Class):

This is a research module. You’re expected to read the material and to write the assignments. You need to develop independent research skills for that. We’re here to facilitate your learning process, but this is primarily an independent research module.

Until August 22 I will be unavailable in person. Please use WhatsApp, email, or contact the Teaching Assistant for help if you need.

You will indeed be able to write in Afrikaans and have your work marked in Afrikaans.


For the 2016 eStudy Guide, click here.

For the book by Althusius (main reading), click hereNote: download the FacSimile Pdf version.

For the article by Skinner (compulsory reading), click here.

Please contact Christiaan Bredenkamp for the additional material.

Final Exam (Final Project):

Final Project Instructions (due during examination period)


Assignment 1 (Short Summary 500 words) due August 25

Assignment 2 (Mid-term Assigment) due September 8

Assignment 3 (Mid-term Assignment) due September 21

Assignment 4 (Mid-term Assignment) due October 2 (Monday)


Unit 1, click here.

Unit 2, click here.

Unit 3

Resources, Units 1-3, click here.

Audio presentations (contact Christiaan Bredenkamp for the files):

Unit 1

Resources Units 1-3